The Cookie Dough Creamery

Hi foodies –

I hope you’re having a swell summer (what’s left of it at least). A lot has happened for me this summer. Anthony and I moved in together, I started at new job at Nationwide, and I joined the Columbus food bloggers, an organization to connect with other foodies across the city. It’s been fun, hectic, and exhilarating all at once.

This summer has been full of some great foodie adventures, especially ones that involve some decadent sweet treats. I’ll cut to the chase. I present to you the delicious goodness of The Cookie Dough Creamery in Worthington, Ohio. Worthington is a charming, colonial town situated just North of Columbus. This place has been on my radar for quite some time, and it sure didn’t disappoint!

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If you have ever been to a self serve frozen yogurt shop, it’s the same concept. HOWEVER, you don’t weigh your masterpiece. Instead, you pay a flat price for the size small – large (Treat yourself to a large, you know you want to!) that you pick. The cookie dough doesn’t contain eggs and they use heat treated flour to ensure your safety. Your mom won’t be yelling at you for licking this spoon!

Here’s the lowdown…..


  • Pick your flavor(s) of cookie dough – You can choose from chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookie, oreo, brownie batter, and their upcoming fall flavor, s’mores. YUM!


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  • Pick your ice cream – Yes, as if the cookie dough wasn’t delightful enough you can layer ice cream in between your cookie dough layers. I stuck with the classic vanilla, but you can get as jazzy as you want. They have salted caramel, brownie batter, mint, and chocolate – just to name a few!



  • Pick your toppings – The cookie dough creamery has every type of sauce and topping you can imagine. You could put peanut butter sauce and cocoa pebbles on top, strawberry sauce and fruity pebbles, or basically any combo you can think of. I decided to pick the chocolate sauce and the peanut butter. I kept it classic with the colored sprinkles and the crunch. So tasty!



  • Take pride in your work – This dessert is 110% instagram worthy. You’re the artist and the cookie dough is your canvas. Pretty sure I spent more time positioning my dessert than I did eating it…..oops.



I clearly enjoyed mine…….

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As always, I like to tell you who I experienced this foodie find with. No new faces here, this is one of my good friends, Zoe. We’ve been friends since we were little. Zoe is in nursing school right now, so sweets are the perfect answer for stress! Zoe is going to be great, and can hopefully help take care of me one day! (FYI – I tried to be a nurse and hyperventilated the third week in.)

The Cookie Dough Creamery is the perfect spot for date night, or bringing along the kiddos. There’s both outdoor and indoor seating. This place is almost secluded. It’s in a shopping plaza, but your GPS will have you so confused. My advice is to look for Kroger. It’s tucked between there and Pies and Pints.

This is the perfect spot for the upcoming holiday weekend. I hope you enjoy this delightful sweet treat!

Much foodie love,


P.S. – I’m always on the search for new restaurants. If you find a great place, please share it with me.



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