Phoodie in Philly

Hello foodie favorites,

You probably wonder – what is a foodie’s day job? Yes, the majority of us do have jobs aside from food blogging. Mine is working at Nationwide Financial as a Regional Internal Consultant (RIC).

I started blogging to give myself a creative outlet and share my love for food, obviously! I enjoy working at Nationwide, and even more admire the people I work with. I was recently in Philadelphia, and before heading back to Ohio was able to check out the Reading Terminal Market with my work counterpart, Jeff. He resides in the Philly area and also enjoys being a foodie!

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If you’ve been to Columbus’s North Market, it’s a similar concept – there’s local produce and artisan products where the venue is lined with countertop mom and pop restaurants. A step above food court if you will.

The Reading Terminal Market is much greater in size and options than The North Market in Columbus. Being a food connoisseur, I strive to have a city’s local favorites!

Philly’s is, of course, cheesesteak and roast pork sandwiches. While in Reading Terminal Market, it was a must to try Tommy DiNic’s roast pork sandwich. This sandwich was featured on food favorite- Man vs. Food and crowned the Best Sandwich in America in 2013.

Let’s dig in! The pork was seasoned perfectly and melted in your mouth. The sandwich is garnished with broccolini. Yes, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it tied the sandwich together. The bread was fresh and did I mention this sandwich is HUGE?! Maybe if I’d fasted for three days prior I could eat the whole thing. Definitely something to split!

The Reading Terminal Market is basically a foodie’s dream. You could get anything from fresh caught seafood to a stinky (but good) wheel of cheese. Next up are the sweet treats! Delectable.

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Check out theses awesome pastries from Termini Brothers. YUM! I brought some back on the plane. I just couldn’t resist.

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If you’re in Philadelphia make sure you check out Reading Terminal Market – it will be a crowd pleaser! Plus, you can try some city favorites.

Hope you enjoyed this adventure outside of Cbus! I’ll be back with more!

Much foodie love,


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